Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 01 - Photo of you along with ten facts

Okie, and here's ten facts about me, :)
1. I'm the first child in my family, :)
2. I have two lovely younger sisters.
3. I have a dog in my home now, but i love cats, (=^.^=)
4. I used to have ten cats in my home at the same time
5. People say that i attract them by my smile (sometimes by my voice)
6. I love postcards, and now participate in Postcrossing.com
7. I'm a 21-years-old girl now, but i love to listen to music belong to my mom's age
8. I love Durian!!!!!
9. I was born and grew up in a beach city, so my soul always belonds to the sea, :)
10. What to say next?, :)


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