Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 04 - Ten Places you want to visit

1, 2. Hội An and Sa Pa, Vietnam:

The first and the second places i want to visit are Hội An and Sa Pa. 
I always want to go to some places have a long history or near with the nature. 
So Hội An and Sa Pa are wonderful with me, :)

Hoi An - a part of the town

Hoi An - Japanese Bridge


Sapa - the local people
3. Nepal:

Everest, Everest, :)
How can I climb to the roof of the world? I really want to go there, :)
And the Kathmandu Valley, ........
Everytime i see some photos of Nepal, my heart beats so fast. Just like i'm going to see someone i love, lol

(Soucre: somewhere on internet)

4. Siem Riep - Cambodia:

I've just visited there in this February. A new year's holiday with my family.
It's a great journey. But we can't go to visit many places. 
So i will come back to visit Cambodia one more time, :). 

Me in Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

Bayon Temple
5. Japan:

Japan is always my dream. I really really want to go there for one time in my life. Hum hum .....

6. New York - USA:

Don't have any reason for this place, :). Jsut want to go to visit there, :X

7. Australia:

Same reason with New York, :)
8. France:

A romantic country in my heart, :X
If i can choose a place to go in my honeymoon, i want to go to France, :)

9. Switzerland:

After visiting France, i will go to visit Switzerland!!!!!

10. Still thinking, :)

(> " " <)
( ='o'= )


Hào Khôi said...

Let's go to Hoi An together someday! I will show you around. ;)
About New York, well, maybe I will guide you too. XD

bameomap said...

I'm thinking of going to Hoi An and Sapa this summer, :).
I'm trying to save money for this trip, :)

Hào Khôi said...

Just Hoi An (and Da Nang for a full experience) is under 3 million. About Sapa or both two of those, I have no idea how much will it cost. Maybe 10? XD

bameomap said...

yea... will be about 10 million or more,... A big mount of money, hum hum. But i'm still thinking,. Can you tell me more about full trip to Danang and Hoi An?

Hào Khôi said...

Oh, I have been there 5 times in past so that I have full confidence. Let us talk about this tomorrow. ;)

bameomap said...

okie, :)

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